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Project Made in Favela

Giving a Hand to Those in Need

The project Made in Favela was created to inform about the life and culture of people who live in the poorest neighborhoods of Brazil - also known as favelas - to give them support and help to overcome the difficulties in their lives.

When we say Brazil, the majority of us think about a place full of smiling and happy people, passion for soccer/football or the famous Carnival and the Christ statue in Rio. But the actual reality is less happy. Generally, slums are located on the outskirts of cities. But in Rio, these favelas intertwine even the Center or Copacabana, Ipanema and the wealthiest parts of the city. And we are not talking about a minority - in such places live 12 million Brazilians. In Rio and São Paulo, it even reaches 1/4 of the inhabitants. Unfortunately, these people cannot depend only on government support. Because they live in the margins of society, it is much more difficult for them to find a place in it. Thanks to their origin, often even ethnic, and their specific slang, they get discriminated when looking for work, which may lead some to find a living in the drug market or in prostitution. Besides the guided tours into these areas, another thing that helps them improve their situation are the products they make manually and sell in their local markets, like book covers, T-shirts, hand-made bikinis, souvenirs or their own art. Soon you will be able to buy, in our web, such products, which the locals from the favelas sell in their street markets, and this way help them with their difficult lives.