Favela art

Not only City of God
A guide to other great films about the favelas

Mind-blowing movies that will transport you to Brazil's colorful slums


Football means life in the favelas
Talents like Zico, Ronaldo, Romário, all come from the slums

The Favelas were first brought into existence by the experienced and hardened veterans of the war of Canudos – a civil war between the state of Brazil and some 30,000 settlers which plagued the country for a long time.


How to recognize a favela
Things to know about Rio’s slums

The other side of Rio's splashy seaside resorts and colorful communities


Favelas heat up for Carnival
Arts and sports help the slums rise up

Pelé symbolizes the potential a poor black boy has, even coming from the poorest neighborhoods

Favela people


Secrets from the Slums
Rio de Janeiro favelas, where life pulses to a different beat

They stretch as far as the eye can see, turning the city's landscape into a colourful patchwork of shoddily constructed shanties


Googling Favelas
Rio's slums entering the map

After the Olympics, it is much easier to find how to walk around the poorer communities of the city